UNHCR Partnership

UNHCR Partnership

JFF has been an implementing UNHCR partner since 2018, working on reducing xenophobia and promoting positive refugee narratives through educational and awareness raising activities, including film festival, panel discussions exhibitions in public spaces etc. Through creative use of visual and applied arts and new technologies JFF helps create media and educational opportunities for promoting fact-based and balanced dialogue with the public on key protection prioritites for UNHCR in Croatia.

Our collaboration started in 2007 with UNHCR marking the World Refugee Day at the first Jewish Film Festival - Festival of Tolerance. Since then our collaboration has expanded to organising lectures and workshops, educational Film and discussion programmes for students, producing exhibitons (ReD, Oni/They, In Focus, Every Person Has the Right to Seek Protection, whoever they are, wherever they come from, whenever they are forced to flee), screenings followed by round tables and discussions.

Our partnership in numbers:

44+ Film screenings

20+ Discussions

7+ Round tables

9+ Exhibitions

1 mural in partnership with City of Zagreb

5 Lectures and Workshops

over 5000 students since 2018

Since the beginning of 2023 our programmes are carried out under the brand Artematizacija - Art of Understanding. This year we are planning:

2 Films

1 Discussion

3 Educational live events

3 Educational online events

2 Digital cinema schools

1 Filmmaking and media literacy workshop and video competition

1 Educational exhibition of designer posters for schools

1 Capacity building workshop for journalists