Festival of Tolerance Showcases Powerful Films Promoting Equality and Resilience

Festival of Tolerance Showcases Powerful Films Promoting Equality and Resilience

17th Festival of Tolerance

This year's film programs are divided into four categories: The Bite of Reality, Spectrum, Small Steps and Just Short, and the selection was made by Snježana Tribuson and Boško Picula with program advisor Dina Pokrajac.

At the seventeenth edition of the Festival of Tolerance, which will be held on January 23-27 at the Museum of Contemporary Art, and on January 24-28, at the Dokukino KIC cinema, this year we can expect a selection of exceptional and multiple award-winning films, and which the audience for the most part will not have the opportunity to see in regular cinema distribution.

Boško Picula described the selection process as both an exhilarating challenge and a gratifying pleasure. “With an abundance of titles that have captivated audiences worldwide, offering profound insights into tolerance within contemporary society and historical narratives, it was truly a delight to immerse myself in the exceptional artistry showcased by diverse cinematic traditions. At the same time, the biggest challenge was narrowing down the selection to a concise compilation. The aim was to encapsulate not only the unique essence of each film’s creation but also the pressing global need for a resurgence of tolerance as a fundamental pillar of our existence. From intimate portrayals of familiar dynamics to thought-provoking explorations of international relations, the chosen works traverse the spectrum of human experiences. They confront the haunting echoes of the past and shed light on the foreboding realities of the present and future. Furthermore, they delve into the selfless sacrifices of individuals and the collective endeavours shaping a more inclusive world.

Numerous films coming to this year’s Festival have captivated audiences and garnered accolades from around the globe. This is confirmed by the films selected for the opening ceremony, the short Red Suitcase, an Academy Award nominee, and the feature film A Thousand and One, the current winner of the Sundance Film Festival. Each and every title showcased at the festival possesses a unique allure, with several works even receiving nominations for the Academy Award. Among these notable contenders are the short films Ivalu and The Stranger at the Door”, as well as the documentaries 20 Days in Mariupol, Budding Humans and Papa & Dada, the stories of the Holocaust and its consequences such as SHTTL and ReckoningsFurthermore, the Festival will screen the awarded feature films Small Body, Perfect Days and Disco Boy starring the Croatian actor Leon Lučev. The Festival also serves as a beacon of tolerance, providing an invaluable platform to foster acceptance and understanding - on a daily basis.”

Snježana Tribuson, this year’s Festival of Tolerance selector, emphasized the alignment of these chosen films with the festival’s core values of tolerance and understanding. “With the world yearning for tolerance now more than ever, these films not only shed light on pressing issues but also captivate audiences with their artistic brilliance. From delving into the harrowing realities of peer violence to advocating for women’s rights and equality, the meaninglessness of war, the Holocaust, the plight of the refugees, and the complexities of fractured familial relationships.” While all the selected films are undoubtedly valuable, the discerning selector did caution viewers about a few standout works. “Sabotagea groundbreaking hybrid documentary-animated film, about the heroism of women who toiled as forced laborers in the Auschwitz-Birken camp, producing munitions. Another thought-provoking gem, The Other End of the Streeta short feature film, boldly confronts peer violence. Lastly, Chicken for Lindaan animated delight, promises to enthrall both parents and children alike with its sharp wit, rapid pace, unexpected anecdotes, and visually stunning, vibrant aesthetics.”

Objavljeno: January 25th, 2024