Tolerance talk


May our minds work together to find mutual understanding.

May our words reveal more than they hide.

And most of all, may our actions be guided by our heart and a language far older than words.


Current social events (quastion of refugees, discrimination, intolerance, women's rights ...) increasingly point to the need to talk about injustice, insistence on dialogue and community-wide cooperation in  fight against discrimination as one of the main goals of the Festival of Tolerance.

Tolerance Talk is a public platform for exchanging opinions, questions and answers, agreements and disagreements. In discussions and round tables experts from relevant social areas together with the audience take part in the debate, as an important factor in creating public change through the promotion of civilized and open communication, all for the purpose of building a more open and tolerant society.


26.03.2018. 12:00

Future of Europe – The Europe we desire | 10. 4. 2018. | 20:00 | cinema Europa


26.03.2018. 12:05

Zagreb, I love you so much | 11. 4. 2018. | 18:30 | kino Tuškanac


26.03.2018. 12:10

12. Festival of Tolerance brings discussion on topics of women abuse, LGBT rights, third age and ecology. Find out all the details in the article.

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