Tolerance Masterclass

13th Festival of Tolerance – JFF Zagreb: Masterclass of Tolerance

Duration and venue:

ZAGREB, 7 – 13 April 2019, Cinema Europa –Müller Hall

Croatia's cinematography is in a continuous ascent, and year-over-year it has seen great results on the global festival scene. Great experiences and results of our filmmakers still remain invisible in Croatia due to numerous reasons, the key being low media interest. It is the lack of expert but accessible and attractive media content on Croatian film and film directors that is behind the problem of the low visibility of Croatian film on the domestic cultural scene. It remains completely invisible to the wider Croatian public how Croatian films are inspired, conceived, planned, created and promoted.

The problem of archiving every step of the creative process in the conception and creation o fan artwork is an issue faced by the entire art world, and not just the world of film. Authorial self-demystification, deconstruction and analysis have become important, just as the artwork itself.

It is precisely due to these reasons, and inspired by the project, that we will screen as part of the 13th Festival of Tolerance two Croatian films, after which the directors of the films will hold an expert lecture on all the stages of their creative process. The lectures will be directed, recorded and edited so they can be available to all those interested even after they are held. The lectures are planned to last 45 minutes and their scope is intended to include the director’s work from the initial idea to the festival and cinema distribution of the film. The added value of the project lies in the fact that it leaves behind a high-production-value and directed recording of the lectures, which will remain, free-of-charge, for all those interested in seeing it, primarily future Croatian and international film directors, critics, film scholars and film historians.

The films that will be screened as part of the u Masterclass of Tolerance are the following:

Srbenka / documentary film / 2018 / 72'
Director: Nebojša Slijepčević

In the winter of 1991, Aleksandra Zec, a girl of Serbian ethnicity was murdered in Zagreb. Though it was known who murdered her, they were never punished for their crime. 25 years later, the theater director Oliver Frljić is making a theatre play about the case in Rijeka. Hidden traumas are surfacing and the rehearsals for the play are becoming a sort of collective psychotherapy.

Obrana i zaštita (A Stranger) / feature film / 2013 / 83'
Director: Bobo Jelčić

When Slavko's old friend Djulaga dies, Slavko feels obliged to go to the funeral. But in his hometown of Mostar, this simple social obligation has the potential to get him into all kinds of trouble: with his neighbors or even with local political bigwigs. This is a compelling tale of everyday life in a fractured society, and a world where paranoia, comedy and drama co-exist. It is also an astute psychological portrait of a man who is forced to cross the invisible line that divides two communities. Above all, it is the story of a man who lost everything that defined him, when his country disintegrated.

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