Educational Mornings

The organizers of the Festival of Tolerance have recognized that care for the young is the most significant segment in the development of a democratic society, especially at the present time when we witness a rise in violence among the young, discrimination, social injustice, between peers and towards individuals of different nationality, religion or race. This prompted us to inaugurate in 2009 a new educational programme - Educational Mornings. It’s a program that strives to inform the young about the horrors of the Holocaust so they could take that tragic episode of human history and learn form it about accepting differences and approaching every person as an individual worthy of respect.

The goal of Educational Mornings is to familiarize the young with the tragedy of Holocaust and the problem of extremism in, to them, an understandable way, through the medium of film, expert lectures and testimonies of the survivors. The history of the Holocaust and extremism presents a very effective area for questioning basic moral questions. By studying the Holocaust and groups that spread hate the students can understand the need for nurturing and protecting democratic values, as well as understand the meaning of tolerance.

Through discussions and exchanging opinions the young understand that accepting differences and respecting the different is the only right way to live in a modern world. It is the model of educating the youngest that encourages the development of understanding and tolerance, the fundamental principals of healthy socialization.

In the last 8 years the Educational Mornings have been organized more then 65 times in 6 different countries (Croatia, Austria, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro), and have been attended by more then 18.500 young. The program regularly receives support from the Ministry of science, education and sports of Republic of Croatia. One Educational Morning has already been successfully organized in cooperation with Ministry of Culture of Montenegro in 2014 in Cetinje and as a part of the Festival of Tolerance Podgorica we bring you two new lectures.


The project is co-financed from the Europe for citizens fund - EACEA European Remembrance. 

2. Festival tolerancije Crna Gora / Podgorica, KIC (Velika sala)

Branko Lustig:
Testimony of a survivor

30.05.2016. 12:00

Branko Lustig, a Holocaust survivor and president of Festival of Tolerance, will hold a lecture about his own experience from the concentration camps of Nazi regime.  It must serve as a warning to the future generations.

2. Festival tolerancije Crna Gora / Podgorica, KIC (Velika sala)

Mirko Ilić:
Symbols of hate

31.05.2016. 11:00

Mirko Ilić, a world renowned graphic designer, illustrator and lecturer will give a multimedia lecture in which he will speak about neo-fascist iconography that is widely present in the public of former Yugoslavia states and wider.

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