Film program

Programming discourse permeates the culture through audio visual arts, creating a film program that speaks out about historical injustices, but also deals with current social problems at the local as well as on the global level, incorporating films that speak about eco-catastrophes caused by wars or human negligence, through the protection of native species of plants and animals, the preservation of heritage to everyday problems of the little guy. The film program is rounded off by discussions of relevant experts and this concept of introducing the topic through film and the discussion has shown itself as interesting, specific and followed by the audience, which is encouraged to participate in open discussions and to be a co-creator of public opinion.

The programme content that makes up the Festival of Tolerance is designed and selected with the aim to continuously develop the quality of film selection that follows the world trends and the quality of accompanying content.

The film program in Ljubljana was selected in collaboration with partners Mini teater and Jewish cultural center of Ljubljana.


The project is co-financed from the Europe for citizens fund - EACEA European Remembrance. 

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