Educational Mornings

Realizing the significance of special care for the young as the most important segment in the development of a democratic society, one of the more essential aspects of the Festival since 2009 are the Educational Mornings, a educational program which try is to inform the young and youngest about the horrors of the Holocaust so they could, from that tragic episode of world history, learn more about acceptance (accepting differences) and approaching every person as an individual worthy of respect. It is through the education of the youngest, in a multimedia and multidisciplinary way, that we speak out against the injustice of the nazi regime, encourage healthy communication, develop tolerance and understanding, especially in these days when we are witnesses to the increase of violence among the young, discrimination, growing strength of right wing ideology and especially xenophobia and actual refugee issues.

The Festival of Tolerance - Ljubljana in its programs brings 3 Educational Mornings on three, seemingly different yet similar, subjects.

The project is co-financed from the Europe for citizens fund - EACEA European Remembrance. 

2. Festival tolerancije Ljubljana

Branko Lustig:
Testimony of a survivor

18.01.2016. 11:00

Branko Lustig, a Holocaust survivor and president of Festival of Tolerance, will hold a lecture about his own experience from the concentration camps of Nazi regime.  It must serve as a warning to the future generations.

2. Festival tolerancije Ljubljana, Mini teater

Mirko Ilić:
Symbols of Hate

19.01.2016. 11:00

The lecture of Mr. Mirko Ilić, illustrator, graphical designer and lecturer has filled the halls for past three years, and the number of participants and interested visitors grows every year. He speaks out about symbols of hate through various publications, as well as lectures in the region...

2.Festival tolerancije Ljubljana, Mini Teater

Frank Stern:
Remembering through film

20.01.2016. 10:00

Frank Stern has perfected himself in holding lectures using short films, which stories and visual power he considers extremely important tools for teaching and reaching younger generations, and opening new dimension to teaching history and emotional identification.

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