Listening to the needs and suggestions of its faithful public, the last years 9th edition of Festival of Tolerance - JFF Zagreb, added a new part of the program - open discussions on the subject on the selected film and documentary screenings. Imagined as a public platform for exchanging opinions, questions and answers, agreements and disagreements, the audience participates alongside experts from the relevant social fields, as an important factor in co-creating public opinion by encouraging polite and cultured communication, and all in the goal of building a more open and tolerant society.

Festival of Tolerance - Ljubljana in its program from 17 to 21 of January 2016. which will be held in Mini teater, brings 5 discussions and debates, in which alongside eminent speakers from public and cultural life the Slovenian public will also participate and debate as well as share their opinions, perceptions and stands with them.

A respected Slovenian journalist Ksenija Horvat will moderate all of the discussions:

18. 01. 2016. at 18 h - HITLER IN MARIBOR; Participants:  Boris Hajdinjak; dr. Mateja Ratej; dr. Gregor Jenuš; dr. Aleksandra Berberin Slana 



19. 01. 2016. at 18 h - RADICAL MERCY; Participants: Slavoj Žižek; Mladen Dolar; Udi Aloni
20. 01. 2016. at 19:30 h - FADING MEMORY; Participants: Oto Luthar, Irena Sumi, Beata Lazar


21. 01. 2016. at 12:10 h - STOLEN CHILDHOOD; Participants: Branko Lustig; Frank Stern; Erika Fuerst 




The project is co-financed from the Europe for citizens fund - EACEA European Remembrance. 

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