Festival of Tolerance, founded 10 years ago in Zagreb, gradually expanded its activities, not just with its program, but also geographically, outside the Croatian borders to neighboring countries - Austria, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia. The concept of cultural and educational character proved to be very successful, as evidenced by data on more than 100 000 visitors who attended the film screenings, almost 15 000 young people who took part in a 35 Education Mornings on the subject of the Holocaust and tolerance, organized in cooperation with schools, colleges and local governments, as well as many visitors of concerts and exhibitions which are organized with the aim of attracting as many different audiences as possible and providing the opportunity for the public to speak out in their own language about the examples of (in) tolerance.

10th annual Festival of Tolerance started with a panel discussion on September 2, 2015 in Ljubljana, as a sort of introduction into the main program of the Festival of Tolerance - Ljubljana, which will be held in the capital of Slovenia, from 17 to 21 January 2016. The entire project FOT Ljubljana is financed by the fund Europe for Citizens - EACEA European Remembrance.

The discussion of the "70-anniversary of the end of World War II", organized in collaboration with the Mini teater from Ljubljana, and moderated by renowned Slovenian journalist Ksenija Horvat was attended by: dr. Jože Pirjevec historian from Trieste, one of the most important diplomatic historians in the Western Balkans, a member of the Slovenian Academy of Arts and Sciences and the author of numerous books; Dr. Blaz Vurnik, Slovenian historian and coordinator of the project "Hidden children"; mag. Monika Kokalj Kočevar historian, adviser at the Museum of recent Slovenian history and a member of the international committee Mauthausen; prof. Ph. D.. Tihomir Cipek, professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Zagreb, and Branko Lustig, president of the Festival of Tolerance and Holocaust survivor.

The date of discussion was not chosen at random; the 2nd of September officially marks the end of the second world war, whose consequences are felt to this day, especially in our region, where as a lasting problem arises linking of anti-fascism with communism. Also discussed was the process of dealing with our past and acceptance of the same, in order to develop better and more tolerant future.


The main part of the program of FOT Ljubljana in the five day festival brings: 

The program opens a short film by Croatian authors Zlatko Bourek and Paul Stalteri "Wiener Blut", which represents the author's own memories of the beginning of World War 2, and is visually inspired by the art of Otto Dix and George Grosz, followed by screening of Burhan Qurbani "We are young, we are strong ", which discusses the xenophobic outbursts and riots that occurred in newly united Germany, in Rostock in 1992, the story is shown through three different individuals and  three different views of the situation.

"In silence", "The man who saved the Louvre", "It's never rained on Rhodes", "Watchers of the Sky", Oscar-winning movie "Phone Call" ... are just some of the great films that were extremely well received on 9th Festival, and which will be presented in Ljubljana, alongside several new films. We highlight the movies "Local Angel," "Forgiveness" and "Art / Violence" by the the award-winning Israeli-American director Udi Aloni.

There will be 5 panels of discussions and debates, the concept which has shown itself as a great success in previous editions; then a total of 3 Educational mornings; a Seiji Kimoto exhibition, which opens on February 25 at Gradska Hiža, and will be available to look around for a month, and a video conference between Zagreb and Ljubljana, which will be held on 26 February 2016 on the theme "The lack of memorials to the Holocaust Slovenia and Croatia ", with prominent collocutors and experts from both countries.


The project is co-financed from the Europe for citizens fund - EACEA European Remembrance. 


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