One Day Counts as one Year

One Day Counts as one Year

Director: Kristin Derfler, Dietmar Klein

Screening time: 09.04.2017. 16:30

Screening location: Kino Tuškanac

Runtime: 42 min


The city of Stollberg near Chemnitz. High above the city the castle Hoheneck. In this medieval building was the notorious women's prison of the GDR. Female prisoners from the entire GDR served their long-term prison sentences here: criminals as well as the so-called "political", who were in opposition to the communist dictatorship.

Hoheneck became a women's prison when, in 1950, about 1,100 female prisoners were taken from the Soviet special camps in Bautzen and Sachsenhausen. Most of the young women were sentenced to high prison terms by the Soviet military tribunals - often innocent - and hoped to be released from the "Germans". The contrary was the case - the conditions of detention were exacerbated and were inhuman.

The name Hoheneck became and remained a synonym for the persecution and imprisonment before women for political reasons in the GDR. The exact number of women detained here is still unknown. Estimates range from several thousand.

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