Naked Among Wolves

Naked Among Wolves

Director: Philipp Kadelbach

Screening time: 08.04.2017. 19:15

Screening location: Kino Europa

Runtime: 102 min

Awards: Bavarian TV Awards 2015– winner best director Philipp Kadelbach German Television Academy Awards 2015 – winner Best Cinematography, VFX/ Animation, German Television Awards 2016– winner best TV Film, Festival de Television de Monte Carlo 2016 – nomination best TV Film, BANFF Canada 2016 – nomination best TV Film, Atlanta Jewish Film Festival 2016 – winner audience award, International Emmy Awards 2016 – nomination for best TV Film, best actor Florian Stetter


A three-year-old child hidden in a suitcase arrives in Buchenwald concentration camp a few weeks prior to its liberation. The child will necessarily die if a group of prisoners do not take care of him and conceal him from the SS.

It is the prisoners' greatest trial, and they act according to their values, some reluctantly, some greatly concerned, all risking their lives to operate within the tiny confines they have for decision-making. They do so in the hope that their imprisonment in this hell-on-earth might be made to yield some sense, and in securing the bare survival of the child find hope for a future.

"Naked among Wolves" is the filmic reinterpretation of Bruno Apitz' 1958 novel of the same title. Apitz' story became a symbol of the antifascist resistance movement in East Germany.

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