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Festival of Tolerance 2017 – movie programme

For the eleventh Festival of tolerance, just like for all the previous editions, we have come up with a rich and impressive film programme. Over the past ten years of the Festival we have shown movies that dealt with subjects that raise awareness, which can and should enable a common better tomorrow. The first few years we selected the movies that spoke only about the Holocaust, but then, following the happenings in the society we went on to include the movies that speak about differences, that stimulate thinking and raise awareness about current problems. We have presented movies that carry strong messages and inspire changes, actions and reactions, that warn about discrimination and teach us about tolerance, the movies that can ultimately make us become better people.

We are doing the same this year – so we have prepared a movie programme consisting of exceptional, powerful, educational and mainly awarded movies with the topic of the Holocaust and tolerance as movies of recent production that speak out about contemporary life situations that are close to the Festival. During the Festival, from 8 to 14 April, at Zagreb cinemas Europa and Tuškanac, we will show more than 60 movies, feature-length and short-length, documentaries, movies for children and animated movies from the European and world production.

More than 60 movies that will be shown at the Festival have been selected from pre-selection based on the synopses, awards and reviews by renowned film festivals, portals and magazines. The selection is made by the president of the Festival, double Academy Award winner Branko Lustig and the director of the Festival Nataša Popović. In the past few years the selection part also consists of movies which have applied to or have directly been invited by the Festival office. The movies have been selected with an intent to convey the message about human rights and freedoms, tolerance and accepting of differences and that, apart from their artistic value, stand out with the message aimed at the audience, leaving the need to think deeper about the topics that they deal with. From the sixth edition of the Festival, the topic has been delineated based on which the movie programme is compiled – the focus is on tolerance and until this day it has been the fundamental guideline of all segments of the programme that make it the only regional monument to tolerance in the cultural and educational sense.

Ultimately, the selection of movies results in a movie programme that consists of achievements of high artistic value awarded at many world festivals, while a certain number of them have their European or even world premiere right here at the Festival of Tolerance.

The entry to all projections is free.

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