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The Festival Market was introduced in 2014 and  it represent domestic and foreign film festivals on an innovative, new way. The concept of the Festival Market, free and accessible to all, is an excellent training ground for the exchange of experiences of film professionals and people from the industry, exchange of ideas, which in one place and from the 'first hand' can get information on relevant topics. We have had the opportunity to get to know work and festival staff from numerous European festivals like IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam), DOC POINT - Helsinki Documentary Film Festival, Pula Film Festival, the Sarajevo Film Festival, Rolling Film Festival, Jameson CineFest - Miskolc International Film Festival , MIX Copenhagen LGBT Film Festival, Kino Otok - Isola Cinema International Film Festival, Cinedays Festival of European Film and Riga International Film Festival 2ANNAS. The third Festival Market this year will host the Human Rights Film Festival Barcelona whose representatives José Prieto and Toni Navarro will present their and festival work to colleagues from the industry, as well as wider audience.



10th of April 2017, 17:30, KIC, Preradovićeva Street 5

The primary objective of the Human Rights Film Festival Barcelona is to promote empathy and active participation in society by showing films dealing with reverse human reality. Festival of Barcelona with its program influences the values, behaviour and view of human life. This event is a central meeting place for filmmakers, activists and citizens which encourages dialogue, social, ecological, democratic and pacifist engagement.

The Human Rights Film Festival Barcelona will present the screening of German documentary film '#myescape' at the Festival of Tolerance, which brings the original refugees video recording that they took themselves via theirs cell phones and interviews in which their journey from Afghanistan, Syria and Eritrea in Africa and Europe is shown.

Promotion of Human Rights Film Festival Barcelona is organized in cooperation with the Embassy of Spain in Zagreb.


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