Educational Mornings

The organizers of the Festival of Tolerance have recognized that care for the young is the most significant segment in the development of a democratic society, especially at present time when we witness a rise in violence among the young, discrimination, social injustice, between peers and towards individuals of different nationality, religion or race. This prompted us to initiate a new educational programme in 2009 called Educational mornings.

Through multimedia and a multidisciplinary approach, the lectures on offer provide an educational experience through which pupils and students can understand which events brought about the Holocaust, one of the most tragic episodes in the history of the world. By using this model of education focusing on the young that initiates the development of understanding and tolerance, the fundamental principles needed for healthy socialization to function. Together with the students, Holocaust survivors talk about the injustices committed by the Nazi regime and in turn stimulate an open dialogue and an appeal for the cooperation of cultural, educational and government institutions. Through discussion and exchange of opinions the young come to understand that accepting diversity and respecting differences is the only way to contribute to living in the modern world.


Since 2009 more than 22,000 students have participated in the programme called Educational Mornings. It is a programme that is active throughout the year by virtue of several workshops and projects. The programme has been presented almost 70 times in 16 Croatian cities, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Austria, which hardly any other institution in Croatia that educates the public about the Holocaust can boast.

By introducing film and media as a platform for education, each year we select a feature film or documentary with a high artistic and educational value. The reason why we choose this medium of educations is for the youth to effortlessly expand their knowledge of the Holocaust in a manner that they can quickly understand. After viewing the feature film platform is opened to engage youngsters in thought-provoking discussions. We are encouraged by their reactions, as they willingly admit that before the programme they knew very little or almost nothing about the Holocaust and that after the film and the lecture they cold talk about a completely different learning experience. This is exactly what gives us the strength and the motivation to speak out more concerning social issues and to propagate dialogue at all levels, starting with those who are the pillars of a healthy democratic and a socially conscious society.

This year's lecturers were the Festival director Branko Lustig and Daniel Wildmann.


Last years Educational Mornings Booklet

Kino Europa

Branko Lustig:
"Testimony of a survivor"

10.04.2017. 11:00

Branko Lustig is the director of the Festival of Tolerance and a famous film producer. During his long-standing career he has received many awards (including Oscar and BAFTA awards for the movies 'Schindler's List' and 'Gladiator' and an Emmy award)...

Kino Tuškanac

Dr. Daniel Wildmann:
Desired Bodies: the ideal of Aryan Masculinity

12.04.2017. 12:00

Daniel Wildmann is a guest lecturer who will introduce the visitors to the impact of bourgeois culture on the Nazism in the 1930s. Dr. Wildmann is a historian and movie scholar. He is also the director of the Leo Baeck Institute in London and a lecturer at Queen Mary's College...

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